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Core Languages

At Cross Border Translation, we work closely together at various locations around the world. As a result, our in-house expertise is extremely diverse, both culturally and linguistically. Making optimal use of the CBTeam's own specialisms, our various global work locations also give us easy access to a wide range of local translation expertise. This makes it easy for us to recruit native translators and editors right at the source, in our own backyards! The result: our clients get the best possible translations at the best possible price!

Core languages
Image by Florencia Potter


We have several native Spanish language specialists on the CBTeam, a work location in Buenos Aires and a strong network of editors based in Spain and Latin America. In other words, you can rest assured that your Spanish translation needs, whether European or Latin American, are in safe hands with us.


The need for translations to and from Chinese is growing exponentially. This is why CBT is proud to have the right language experts in our network to meet this growing demand.

Image by Hanny Naibaho


The first Asian language to make it onto the list of our core languages. Thanks to the background and work location of several members of our CBTeam, we are true specialists when it comes to Vietnamese translation.


The CBTeam's in-house native Portuguese speakers work together closely with editors in Portugal, Brazil, and elsewhere. In other words, whatever the language variant, we offer the best possible translation to and from Portuguese at the best possible price

Image by Charles Postiaux


English is the second native language of our multilingual, Dutch-American founder, Joel van Valkenhoef. So rest assured that when you hire us for any translation to or from English we observe and ensure the highest standards at attractive rates.


Dutch, one of the native languages of our founder, Joel van Valkenhoef, is where it all started. Cross Border Translation boasts 20+ years of experience translating to and from Dutch, and over the years has greatly expanded its network of highly qualified Dutch translators and editors.

Image by Samuele Giglio

Audiovisual Translation

The past years, Cross Border Translation has turned itself into a true expert when it comes to audiovisual translations, from video scripts to subtitling to voice-overs.


Video Script Translations


Explainer videos. An increasingly common occurence that I'm sure you've noticed. Perhaps you've even had your own explainer video made, or are considering having one. In any case, Cross Border Translation is very active and experienced in translating the scripts for these and other kinds of videos. If you want we can also provide you with a voice-over with a voice actor of your choice!


Naturally, audiovisual translation is not complete without subtitling, and this is yet another area where CBT offers the necessary expertise! Send us your video and we will provide you with a version with attractive subtitles, in the language and style of your choice!

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Desktop Publishing


Desktop Publishing, also known as DTP, concerns all the work needed to turn a digital product into a client-ready product. For example, a video delivered with subtitles, ready for publishing, or a translated brochure that can be forwarded on to the printer immediately. Cross Border Translation is your go-to expert when it comes to offering Desktop Publishing as an additional service to translation!

Other Languages

As indicated earlier, at Cross Border Translation we do a lot of in-house translation (see Core Languages). But we also translate into other languages on the daily, thanks to our extensive, global network of translators and editors. These language professionals offer a very diverse range of language backgrounds and expertises, enabling us to offer a suitable translation team for any of your translation needs!

Other languages
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Multilingual Translation Projects

Are you looking to have your website translated into multiple languages? Or perhaps you have an ethnically diverse target audience who do not always speak the dominant language. Search no further and rely on Cross Border Translation for your multilingual translation needs! We will deliver a flawless translation in all the languages you need!

Asian Languages

Asia is booming! And I'm not just talking about China here. With a location in Vietnam and a very strong network of local translation experts, CBT is ideally situated to meet all of your Asian translation needs!

Image by Amelie & Niklas Ohlrogge
Image by ZQ Lee

Middle-Eastern Languages

Middle-Eastern languages such as Turkish and Arabic are growing in importance in Europe and the West, but so are less well-known languages such as Farsi, Dari, and Pashto. In addition, the Middle-East is a rapidly growing market, with major business hubs such as Istanbul, Dubai, and Cairo. Cross Border Translation translates to and from all the major Middle-Eastern languages on a regular basis!


African Languages

Cross Border Translation regularly translates for government institutions like ministries and municipalities. Ethnically divers countries and cities often need translations from and into various ethnical minority languages. These include a number of African languages, like Afrikaans, Twi, Tigrinya, Somalian and Swahili. This is why CBT is your go-to provider for all your African language translation needs!

Other Languages

Is your language or region not listed here? No worries! We at Cross Border Translation are experts at finding and building the perfect translation team for you, regardless the language combo or specialisation! Contact us for the possibilities.

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